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Advantages of a Collection Agency

There are many advantages in using BCA to collect your bad debt. The fact that we are a 3rd party defuses the situation and our professionals are trained to treat your debtor with the respect they deserve to not only get you your money back but possibly mend the relationship as well. No need to worry about hiring or managing employees for in-house debt collection. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Our firm has years of experience and will use all its unparalleled forensic debt collection techniques giving you a better chance of collecting a bad debt.

BCA will have an easier time managing debtors from different states. We have more resources and knowledge of states and their own specific debt collection rules.  We also have the option and ability to report the bad debt to the correct credit reporting agencies to put more pressure on them to pay.

BCA can handle large amounts of bad debt, which can often swamp your in-house debt collections department.

We have the most sophisticated, robust system in place that  lawyers and large publicly traded companies alike take advantage of when they have exhausted all efforts on their end. We have a second to none track record of collecting accounts that were deemed uncollectable by them, and even  3rd party collection agency’s they had previously hired to no avail.

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