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Our Services

Standard Contingency Based Collections

Benjamin, Chaise & Associates is a leading debt collection agency providing a range of professional services to help businesses recover outstanding debts. We specialize in contingency-based collections, which means you only pay for our standard services when we successfully collect from your debtor. If your debtor refuses to resolve the matter amicably, we will advise you of your options.

Best Debt Collection Specialists

Our team is made up of experienced Debt Collection Specialists who are skilled in forensic collection techniques. We prioritize ongoing training and testing for all employees to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and are prepared for any situation that may arise.
We utilize the latest technologies and forensic skip tracing software to conduct in-depth investigative research on your debtor. This helps us uncover tangible assets that the debtor may be hiding and enables us to provide you with valuable information that can be used to help with the collection process.

Credit Reporting

We also can report commercial accounts to the major credit bureaus, which can motivate debtors to take their debt more seriously and make payments promptly.


At Benjamin, Chaise & Associates, we understand the importance of time when it comes to outstanding accounts. That’s why we have streamlined our account submission process to save you time and frustration. We work on your past due accounts the same day they are submitted to us, and our efficient system ensures that you get results quickly.
If you need assistance with debt collection, contact Benjamin, Chaise & Associates today to speak with one of our professionals. We are here to help you recover the funds you have worked so hard for, which will get your accounts receivable back on track.

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