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Trusted Commercial Debt Collection Agency

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Trusted Commercial Debt Collection Agency

At Benjamin, Chaise & Associates, we pride ourselves on being the leading commercial debt collection agency in Los Angeles. Our team of collectors are experts in skip tracing and asset tracking, and we utilize all information obtained to ensure effective debt collection. We understand that collecting on past-due debts can be a challenging process, and our professionals are equipped to handle difficult situations. Whether a debtor has moved, changed their contact information, or is hiding behind other businesses or names, we will conduct extensive research to locate and collect the debt.

Our commitment to excellence means that we do not charge extra for debtor investigation. If our standard collection service is unsuccessful, you will not be responsible for any fees, regardless of the amount of time we have invested in the case. Don't allow your debtor to keep what rightfully belongs to you. Let Benjamin, Chaise & Associates assist you with your commercial debt collection needs.

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